Complete Guide To Writing Strong Research Paper Using Analytical Method

Analytical method will involve a great deal of experimentation, which you will then write about as part of your research paper. To understand the requirements further, the following explains more about analytical method.

Establishing what kind of problem you wish to address

The first thing that you need to do is establish a problem that you wish to address and analyse.

Deciding on any process that you wish to use to solve the problem

Once you have a problem in mind, you will then need to decide upon the analytical process that you will attempt to use to solve the problem.

Develop a hypothesis

The process in mind, it will then be time to develop a hypothesis. Ideally you will have a reasonable understanding of the problem at hand, and will be able to put forward a realistic hypothesis; however, do not worry if your hypothesis is wrong.

Establish any experimentation that you wish to use to test any hypothesis you have developed

In order to test your hypothesis, you will most likely need to carry out various experiments, which will therefore need to identify. It may be that you only need to use a single experimental method, or a range of methods, depending on the problem.

Carry out the necessary experimentation

Having established the problem you wish to resolve, as well as a hypothesis and experimentation you wish to use, it will be time to carry out any necessary experiments.

Identify how the results in line with your hypothesis

At this point, you will need to look at the results of your experimentation. It is entirely possible that the results confirm any hypothesis that you have had. Alternatively, if the results do not necessarily correlate to the original hypothesis, you may need to either rejected or modify it.

Continue experimenting into your hypothesis is confirmed

If your hypothesis is confirmed immediately, then you may not necessarily need to continue any further experimentation will stop however, if you have had to modify or reject your hypothesis, in favor of something different, then you will need to continue experimenting until your latest hypothesis is confirmed.

Put into place the solution

Once the hypothesis is confirmed, you can put into place any solution that you have identified in relation to the original problem that you wanted to analyse.

Address the process and improve where possible

Finally, you will need to look at the process that you are using and, if possible, improve any aspects of it.

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