General Instructions For Writing A Basic Research Paper

There are various things that you should keep in mind when it comes to writing a research paper. Of course, there are various complex ideas that you may wish to go into; however, for many people, it is important just to understand the basics. To give you a better idea of how to approach this style of writing, the following outlines some simple ideas that should assist you in writing a reasonable piece of work.

  • Getting started by choosing a topic
  • First things first, you need to choose a topic. The topic that you choose may be influenced by a variety of different factors, not least any instructions that you have been given by your teacher. For example, it may be that you been asked to choose a title based on a general theme. Whether you have been given any instructions or not, you may find it useful to use various brainstorming techniques to help you narrow down a suitable topic.

  • Deciding on the format and structure of your work
  • Once you have an idea for the title, it is important that you understand what formatting instructions you need to follow. It may be that you have not been told to follow any formatting instructions; however, if you have, then this can have a considerable influence on the structure of your work. Essentially, many formatting guides will dictate what sections you need to include.

  • Making a plan and doing the research
  • Once you have found out about any formatting instructions, and you have a good title for the basis of your work, you can start planning and researching. Your plan should give you an outline of what you want to write about in your work and, based on this, you can start researching for any relevant information.

  • How many drafts to write
  • Many people will be curious as to how many drafts they should write. Essentially, there is no set answer, as this can vary from person-to-person and from essay to essay. What is almost essential that you is that you do not expect the work to be completed at the first attempt. Ultimately, if you have rewritten the work once or twice, and you are happy with what you have produced, then it might potentially be ready - although feel free to rewrite it is many times as necessary, before checking things at the end.

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