Free guide to composing a research paper on language development

Language development is one of the most fascinating things that you will ever write about. As humans, we are born without knowing any language, however our brain can record and develop words as we grow up. For your research paper on language development follow this free guide and you will be surprised to see how much your teacher will love it!

  • Discuss with a professional. For such a complex topic you need some information from professionals, such as pediatricians. A pediatrician will be able to explain to you, in very simple words, what is the process that takes place into our minds when we learn new words. Make sure you ask plenty of questions, like how babies understand our words, how they learn to talk and how long does it take to memorize a new word.
  • Why children who hear more than one language in their first year of life start speaking later? This is a very important point to touch in your research paper about language. You will be amazed by how easy babies can memorize different languages and how their brain can switch from one language to another instantly.
  • Go online! You will have to spend at least a few days doing research for this assignment, just to make sure that you have all the information that you need. For this, websites are the easiest option, as you won’t have to spend your day in the library searching through dozens of books.
  • Get some inspiration. With such a complex topic, getting some inspiration for your research paper language is vital. You can ask some older colleagues if they have done such a composition before and if yes, ask them if you can read it. If no, go on the Internet and search for similar topics.
  • Don’t use complicated terms. Your colleagues are not experts in this field, so you can’t expect them to know complicated terms and definitions. Make sure you use synonyms that they can understand. If it is absolutely necessary to use a medical term in your composition, provide a clear definition at the end of the text.
  • Spend a day with a baby. Yes, that is definitely the best way to understand the way babies talk and learn new words. If you don’t have a younger sibling, you can ask your friends if any of them knows a baby that you can visit. It is recommended to spend time with a baby that is around one year old, so you can have the satisfaction of teaching him a few new words for your project.
  • Compare statistics. What is the normal age for babies to learn how to talk? How about the first word? Make sure that you get your statistics from trustworthy sources. It’s the best to take them from books or governmental websites as they are usually providing real and verified data. If you follow all these tips your composition will be perfect!

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