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Students writing a research paper for the first time may be overwhelmed by the assignment. A paper of this nature has multiple sections and each is unique related to your topic. If you don’t have an interesting topic or something meaningful with interest, you may find yourself struggling to write a good paper. Fortunately there are tips and suggestions to consider that will help you develop a plan to write your paper.

  • Study high quality well-written research papers. To get a better idea of what to produce for your own topic is start by studying other papers written. You can find samples online through writing services, homework help sites and academic paper databases. When you review previously written papers take notes on content quality and structure. Pay attention to details that make the paper stand out. Try to mimic the same structure for your topic.
  • Define elements that make a good research paper. This will include a list of items unique to your personal abilities. It may include but not be limited to the following: strong title, proper formatting, interesting topic, reputable resources, sufficient evidence, good structure and organization, and etc. As you understand each element look for ways to make them stand out and work for your topic.
  • Get clear definition of each section before writing rough draft. The basic structure includes an introduction, body and conclusion. Each section is broken into smaller parts with a unique purpose. When you obtain guidelines for your assignment you can get clarity on sections your paper must include. Each section has a purpose and information you plug into each should be a good fit.
  • Create an outline or use an outline template. This tip may be one of the most helpful you will learn. The outline process breaks down your research paper into smaller parts. You can spread out the work overtime instead of finishing it all at once. Students even say they work on their assignment out of order. The outline organizes findings and discussion points based on sections and subheadings your paper requires.
  • Take good notes and seek tips on effective note taking for your topic. An important element of research paper writing is the ability to find good content to include about your topic. Before you start writing you will need resources to provide data for your main idea. This means you should have an idea of reputable sources offering reliable details you can reference. There are homework help sites offering tips on how to take good notes and how to choose suitable content for your writing assignment.

Keep In Mind

Review elements of formatting, citations and references. This is another important element of research paper writing. Depending on guidelines for your assignment, you may be required to provide citations or follow a specific formatting style.


Citations give credit to sources used for details mentioned in your work. If you do not properly reference something your work may be considered plagiarized. Formatting helps organize your paper and it effects overall presentation.


There are different formatting styles with similarities students tend to get mixed up. When you don’t follow rules correctly for formatting styles your paper could lose points.

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Consider additional help sources for writing. Students can work with an editor or proofreader to polish their work upon completion.

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